Monday, October 20, 2014

Annexation 3-454 : Why I Support This Measure

By Brian Hodson

Canby voters will decide this November whether to annex 32.1 acres of land on the outskirts of town for low density residential housing and a park. I support Measure 3-454 and here's why.

1. Canby Will Not Lose It's Small Town Feel. Many of the proponents of this annexation have concern of Canby losing it's small town feel with this measure. For me, this annexation is part of our town that we consider part of our city already! In addition, a large section of the land will be devoted to a park, which contributes to that small town, community feel.

2. Canby Can Handle The Growth. We have planned for this growth. With the addition of the Sequoia Bridge and our expanding industrial park, we are ready.

3. We Need Housing. We need this growth. With the housing market at record low inventory levels, we need this housing.

I urge you to support and vote in favor of Measure 3-454.

Canby Land Annexation 3-454 Election 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

My Endorsement For City Council

By Brian Hodson

In November's election, we have three seats to fill on our city council. Four candidates are running for those three positions. I recently submitted the letter below to the Canby Herald, voicing who I endorsed and why:

Dear Editor:

In less than two months, you will be voting to fill three spots on our city council. While all candidates running have a sincere commitment to Canby, I urge you to retain Todd Rocha, Clint Coleman, and Greg Parker for your council.

These councilors bring a combined 7+ years of experience to the council. We’ve had a productive two years since I become mayor.  We’ve managed public safety issues (speed limits, sidewalks, safe routes to school). Our new fiscal policies for city budgeting will save money and streamline planning of city funds. New businesses have been opening as well as new housing developments during my term. We are the 9th safest city in the state of Oregon.

In a revolutionary move, we as a council asked you, the voters, to decide whether the city should use urban renewal dollars for our revitalized and improved civic building project. You can’t ask for a bigger voice than putting a major project such as this to the people.

As we look ahead to the exciting future that Canby has in store, this is the team that has proven their leadership and commitment to our city. Keep this council together and keep Canby strong.

Brian Hodson
Canby Oregon City Council Election 2014 Greg Parker Clint Coleman Todd Rocha

Please join me on November 4th in retaining Clint Coleman, Todd Rocha, and Greg Parker for city council.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Civic Building Update

By Brian Hodson

Our new civic building and library is proposed for 2nd Avenue between the movie theater and the 2 corner lots on Juniper. The city has acquired ownership of the lots needed for the project.

We have chosen the methodology to build the structure by doing what's called a CM/GC. This stands for "Construction Manager/General Contractor". This method enables us to better control costs and ensure that there are no project overruns.  It also helps us meet and not exceed our budget limits.

Today, the city will officially submit an RFP (Request For Proposal) to be included in the Daily Journal of Commerce. What this means is we are soliciting proposals from potential construction managers for the project. Our submission will officially be in this journal Monday, September 15th, 2014.
Civic Building Library Project Canby Oregon

We will leave the proposal process open until October 15th, 2014, at which point an internal committee will review the proposals and make a recommendation to the city council.  The internal committee is: Councilor President Tim Dale, City Councilor Todd Rocha, interim City Manager Amanda Zieber, Library Director Melissa Kelly, Library Board President Roger Reif, and (when assigned), our new city manager.

After the Construction Manager is brought on, the next step is bringing in an architecture firm to create drawings for the project.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why Campaign Signs Are Important

By Brian Hodson

Do all those campaign signs really make a difference for a candidate or measure in an election? When election times rolls around, we start to see the sprinkle (and sometimes onslaught!) of campaign signs on billboards, along highway exits, at businesses, and in peoples' yards. Do they make a difference?

As an elected official who has run 2 campaigns (one as city councilor, one as mayor), I would concur yes. Here's why:

1. Signs Remind Voters It's Election Time. Let's face it, we have busy lives. If you are a registered voter, you should receive election information in the mail. But it's nice to have a constant reminder that it is voting season. Signs around town remind voters of this.

2. They Show Your Support. While not all voters want to publicly display who they support in a given election, those that do can easily show who they support (and that they support the voting process) by displaying a sign at their business or home.

Brian Hodson For Mayor Canby Oregon 2014

3. They Really Do Inform. Again, for those voters that might not have picked up a voters' pamphlet yet or read up on the issues, seeing a sign for a particular candidate or measure might let voters know it's time to vote for that office or issue. For example, people in Canby are still surprised that it's a 2 year term for mayor and that I am running again this November.

So, put out those signs! While I am running unopposed, I appreciate your support and feel free to spread the word.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Bid For Mayor 2014

By Brian Hodson

Wow, where did 2 years go?  Honestly, it seems like not so long ago that I was on the campaign trail, hard at work talking to the citizens of Canby about why I wanted to run for mayor.  My campaign focus was a conservative, practical approach to how to spend the cities' dollars, an emphasis on neighborhood safety, and keeping the sense of community that Canby thrives on.  Those goals remain true today and continue to be something I always focus on in my decision-making on the council.  I hope I have exceeded your expectations.
Canby Oregon Mayor 2014 Brian Hodson Vote

I am excited to continue my commitment to the city of Canby.  I will continue to foster my close relationship with city staff to make the best decisions possible for our town.  I am passionate about Canby and that will not change.  With these commitments, I  announce my bid to run for re-election for the office of mayor of the city of Canby.

The election will take place this November.  I ask you for your continued support and your vote.  I turn to you for help and guidance.  Tell me what has gone right these past two years; tell me what we still need to work on.  Let's continue Canby's legacy as one of the great small communities in Oregon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Evolution of the Library: Your Vote

By Brian Hodson

Where are we at with the evolution of the plan for the library?  There have been many twists and turns in the past 2 years in this plan.  I've written many blog posts along the way, describing the journey that the library and the city have taken.

The most recent plan involves you, the voter. We are asking for your opinion this May as to how to move forward with the urban renewal dollars that have been bonded.  The current plan that we are asking voters to voice an opinion on is creating a civic center, which combines City Hall and the library.  Potentially, the library would be on the main floor (street level); the 2nd level would be city offices.  At this point in time, we are in the process of negotiating the acquisition of the land for this project.  The site would be on 2nd Avenue next to the movie theater.  Juniper Street would "close" and be developed as well.  Again, this is the plan and is not final.  There are no other sites at this time the city is considering.

I met with the Library Board this evening (April 8, 2014) about the upcoming referral vote on the civic center.  A robust dialogue ensued, including how to inform Canby residents of what they are voting on.

If the voters believe the city should move forward with the urban renewal dollars in this fashion, we will proceed with this plan.  If the voters are not in favor of this plan, the bonded money would be used for other projects within the urban renewal boundary.

There is a great article in the Northwest Connection, interviewing Councilor Hensley and outlining the progression of this plan.

Voter pamphlets will be mailed in early May.  The official ballot title is Measure 3-436.  The primary election will be held May 20th.  Be sure to vote!
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