Friday, September 12, 2014

Civic Building Update

By Brian Hodson

Our new civic building and library is proposed for 2nd Avenue between the movie theater and the 2 corner lots on Juniper. The city has acquired ownership of the lots needed for the project.

We have chosen the methodology to build the structure by doing what's called a CM/GC. This stands for "Construction Manager/General Contractor". This method enables us to better control costs and ensure that there are no project overruns.  It also helps us meet and not exceed our budget limits.

Today, the city will officially submit an RFP (Request For Proposal) to be included in the Daily Journal of Commerce. What this means is we are soliciting proposals from potential construction managers for the project. Our submission will officially be in this journal Monday, September 15th, 2014.
Civic Building Library Project Canby Oregon

We will leave the proposal process open until October 15th, 2014, at which point an internal committee will review the proposals and make a recommendation to the city council.  The internal committee is: Councilor President Tim Dale, City Councilor Todd Rocha, interim City Manager Amanda Zieber, Library Director Melissa Kelly, Library Board President Roger Reif, and (when assigned), our new city manager.

After the Construction Manager is brought on, the next step is bringing in an architecture firm to create drawings for the project.

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