Monday, October 6, 2014

My Endorsement For City Council

By Brian Hodson

In November's election, we have three seats to fill on our city council. Four candidates are running for those three positions. I recently submitted the letter below to the Canby Herald, voicing who I endorsed and why:

Dear Editor:

In less than two months, you will be voting to fill three spots on our city council. While all candidates running have a sincere commitment to Canby, I urge you to retain Todd Rocha, Clint Coleman, and Greg Parker for your council.

These councilors bring a combined 7+ years of experience to the council. We’ve had a productive two years since I become mayor.  We’ve managed public safety issues (speed limits, sidewalks, safe routes to school). Our new fiscal policies for city budgeting will save money and streamline planning of city funds. New businesses have been opening as well as new housing developments during my term. We are the 9th safest city in the state of Oregon.

In a revolutionary move, we as a council asked you, the voters, to decide whether the city should use urban renewal dollars for our revitalized and improved civic building project. You can’t ask for a bigger voice than putting a major project such as this to the people.

As we look ahead to the exciting future that Canby has in store, this is the team that has proven their leadership and commitment to our city. Keep this council together and keep Canby strong.

Brian Hodson
Canby Oregon City Council Election 2014 Greg Parker Clint Coleman Todd Rocha

Please join me on November 4th in retaining Clint Coleman, Todd Rocha, and Greg Parker for city council.

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