Monday, October 20, 2014

Annexation 3-454 : Why I Support This Measure

By Brian Hodson

Canby voters will decide this November whether to annex 32.1 acres of land on the outskirts of town for low density residential housing and a park. I support Measure 3-454 and here's why.

1. Canby Will Not Lose It's Small Town Feel. Many of the proponents of this annexation have concern of Canby losing it's small town feel with this measure. For me, this annexation is part of our town that we consider part of our city already! In addition, a large section of the land will be devoted to a park, which contributes to that small town, community feel.

2. Canby Can Handle The Growth. We have planned for this growth. With the addition of the Sequoia Bridge and our expanding industrial park, we are ready.

3. We Need Housing. We need this growth. With the housing market at record low inventory levels, we need this housing.

I urge you to support and vote in favor of Measure 3-454.

Canby Land Annexation 3-454 Election 2014

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