Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Evolution of the Library: Your Vote

By Brian Hodson

Where are we at with the evolution of the plan for the library?  There have been many twists and turns in the past 2 years in this plan.  I've written many blog posts along the way, describing the journey that the library and the city have taken.

The most recent plan involves you, the voter. We are asking for your opinion this May as to how to move forward with the urban renewal dollars that have been bonded.  The current plan that we are asking voters to voice an opinion on is creating a civic center, which combines City Hall and the library.  Potentially, the library would be on the main floor (street level); the 2nd level would be city offices.  At this point in time, we are in the process of negotiating the acquisition of the land for this project.  The site would be on 2nd Avenue next to the movie theater.  Juniper Street would "close" and be developed as well.  Again, this is the plan and is not final.  There are no other sites at this time the city is considering.

I met with the Library Board this evening (April 8, 2014) about the upcoming referral vote on the civic center.  A robust dialogue ensued, including how to inform Canby residents of what they are voting on.

If the voters believe the city should move forward with the urban renewal dollars in this fashion, we will proceed with this plan.  If the voters are not in favor of this plan, the bonded money would be used for other projects within the urban renewal boundary.

There is a great article in the Northwest Connection, interviewing Councilor Hensley and outlining the progression of this plan.

Voter pamphlets will be mailed in early May.  The official ballot title is Measure 3-436.  The primary election will be held May 20th.  Be sure to vote!

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