Monday, August 11, 2014

Bid For Mayor 2014

By Brian Hodson

Wow, where did 2 years go?  Honestly, it seems like not so long ago that I was on the campaign trail, hard at work talking to the citizens of Canby about why I wanted to run for mayor.  My campaign focus was a conservative, practical approach to how to spend the cities' dollars, an emphasis on neighborhood safety, and keeping the sense of community that Canby thrives on.  Those goals remain true today and continue to be something I always focus on in my decision-making on the council.  I hope I have exceeded your expectations.
Canby Oregon Mayor 2014 Brian Hodson Vote

I am excited to continue my commitment to the city of Canby.  I will continue to foster my close relationship with city staff to make the best decisions possible for our town.  I am passionate about Canby and that will not change.  With these commitments, I  announce my bid to run for re-election for the office of mayor of the city of Canby.

The election will take place this November.  I ask you for your continued support and your vote.  I turn to you for help and guidance.  Tell me what has gone right these past two years; tell me what we still need to work on.  Let's continue Canby's legacy as one of the great small communities in Oregon.

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