Monday, October 1, 2012

The Safety & Livability of Canby

I've spoken a lot about the heavier issues of this campaign:  economy, development of the city, the library.  But above all this, the main concern and feedback I am receiving from citizens is the livability of Canby and safety of our town. 

Nothing could be more important.  At the end of the day, we want a quiet, safe neighborhood that we can feel safe in.  We want our children to be protected and safe as they walk home from school.  We want a well-staffed police and fire department.

I have three children attending Canby schools.  With the reduced bus scheduling, my children, as well as many others, are walking and biking to school more than ever.  We need to ensure that safety is our number one priority as we make this transition.  Superintendent Steach has made this a top priority, too.  Stop signs and cross walks have been added.  More families in neighborhoods are doing "walking school buses" to school.  If elected mayor, I will stay well tuned and aware of safety issues and the maintenance of safety for children getting to school. 

Speeding has become an issue on certain thoroughfares in town (SE 13th Avenue, 99E, Territorial Road, to name a few).  Many of these thoroughfares are on bus routes and close to schools.  I will work closely with educators and the police department to make sure this is taken care of and if safety measures need to be installed.

I personally know and speak with the firefighters and police of our town.  I am friends with them.  I make sure they have their coffee!  But most importantly, I know the importance of maintaining and nurturing the incredible team we have working for us in Canby to keep us safe.  I will continue to work with them and hear their concerns.

At the end of the day, our citizens want a town to call home, a town they can have fun in and feel safe, a town they want to patronize.  I have spoken about additions to our town that would improve livability and the economy:  a water park, a dog park, improved boat ramp access, and better bike paths and trails.  We want a town that has good, well-maintained parks.  We want to be able to welcome touraments to town to our soccer, baseball, and other sports facilities.  We want that perfect balance of doing the things we love while our local economy benefits from such activity. 

I am committed to keeping Canby livable, thriving, active, fun, and safe.

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  1. Way to go, Brian. We are with you every step of the way. Canby is blessed to have you working for everyone in town. /as long time neighborhood activist, I can't tell you how many of us are concerned about the dangerous volume of traffic that goes through our neighborhoods. We look forward to working with you and city leaders to help us with this problem. Bob Backstrom


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