Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Core Platform: The 3 Beliefs

Many of you have received both your voter's pamphlets and ballots.  Some of you have begun reading over the information and filling out your ballots.  I hope you will consider me as your next mayor of Canby. 

I've focused on three core beliefs in my campaign.  Here's a recap of those and how I plan to execute them if elected:

1.  Fiscal Responsibility.  We have a lot to do in our city.  We have improvements that need to be done to 99E.  We have a downtown we are busy revitalizing.  We have police, fire, and other core services to properly staff and fund.  Our URD district is still in place.  We have to balance the needs versus wants of our town.  I am committed to making smart, judicious decisions with the city's budget, with your tax dollars.  I am committed to making sure the needs of Canby are fulfilled first and welcoming the wants as we can afford them.

2.  Safe, Enjoyable Neighborhoods.  This topic is often forgotten by candidates in campaigns.  What could be more important than a town that is livable, enjoyable, and safe for our families?  Having a properly funded police and fire district is key.  Speaking with the community and the neighborhoods is also key to know what their concerns are and what needs to be addressed. 

3.  Strong Economic Engine.  We need to make Canby a welcome place for businesses.  We need to make citizens, both locally and nearby, want to patronize the businesses of Canby.  We need to keep our dollars in Canby, as well as bring in outside dollars.  How do we do this?  We need to make it easy for new businesses to want to open their doors in Canby.  We unfortunately, as an example, have our newest industrial park only 1/3 full.  We need to be driving businesses here!  We also need to make Canby inviting to make people want to stop and stay.  We need more attractive landscaping and signage along 99E.  We need to do a good job of promoting all the wonderful businesses and events that are a part of our community. 

As your next mayor, I promise to address these three key issues.  But above all, I promise to be your voice, to listen to the citizens of Canby, to follow up on your concerns. 

I ask for your vote November 6th.  Thank you and God bless.

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