Thursday, October 4, 2012

Republican: It's My Party In A Nonpartisan Race

We are in full swing with election season.  The election is but a month away.  Campaign signs are up, debates are about to start, special events are taking place.  I'm feeling good about the race. 

I am proud to be a registered Republican.  I am both socially and fiscally conservative.  I am a Christian and a believer in God Almighty. 

But I am running in a nonpartisan race for Mayor of Canby.  My opponent is also a Republican.  This inevitably brings up some interesting conversations as well as some conflicts and issues to consider. 

All voters have their criterion for voting.  For some, it may be one issue that is most important to them and that is the decision-maker in terms of who to cast their vote for.  For others, party affiliation is very important and they vote based on that.  And still for others, it is a wide sweeping range of characteristics and beliefs about a candidate that decides their vote.  All of these are valid and important ways for citizens to make their decisions. 

As we drive around town, do our runs or walks, or pick our kids up at school, you will more than likely see a campaign sign along the way.  With a nonpartisan race with 2 Republicans, the sign landscape has taken on a new look that may not be seen that often.  Republicans are displaying my sign.  Republicans might be displaying my sign with other Republican candidates.  There have also been a few cases in town of Democrats displaying my sign as well with other Democratic candidate signs.  Isn't this an inevitability?  If you are a dedicated voter and you think it's important that as many people in town get out and vote, isn't it good that people are researching their candidate's backgrounds, voting records, and party affiliation?  Isn't it good that all parties are stating an opinion?

Unfortunately, some people are not doing their homework.  Some citizens have assumed because my sign is in the yard with opposing party signs, that I must be with that party.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Republicans and Democrats voting across party lines is nothing new.  I am even married to a Democrat who is walking every street of this town to tell you about me!

Ultimately, what I am trying to say here is to do your research.  Talk to your neighbor about the candidate they have a sign for.  Look up their record online.  Email them, send them a message on their Facebook page, go talk to them!  As a candiate for mayor, this is what I am urging citizens to do.  Come and talk to me at work.  Let's meet for coffee.  Let's talk on the phone.  That is what it is all about when you are speaking of small town politics. 

On that note, if you would like a sign, I appreciate and welcome your support, no matter what your background.

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