Thursday, November 15, 2012

What A Week!

I am humbled and thankful for all of you that supported me on this campaign.  It has been nothing short of amazing running this campaign and being elected as your next mayor of Canby.  Thank you.

We are now in the post-election wrap ups of final numbers being counted, news articles being printed, and last thoughts.  A few things came to light as read over the Canby Herald's coverage of election night; there are also a few corrections I need to state in regards to the paper's coverage. 

I had an interview by Peggy Savage at my election night party at Puddin' River Chocolates.  Her article summed up well my vision and first action items as your new mayor.  I had a problem, though, with the headline on my article:  "Hodson, council candidates a team...."  I am a team with ALL the council members.  It has always been about all councilors and the mayor working together for the good of the city.  Am I thankful for the support and help the 3 councilors who ran with me in this election?  Yes.  But this in no way should come across as "taking sides".  My record for the past 3.5 years as a councilor stands as testament to the fact that I am a proponent of working as a team in the betterment of Canby.

Furthermore, the anonymous editorial seemed to imply that partisanship would play a role in my duties as mayor and in the elected councilors roles.  Yet, the writer also makes a great quote when he/she states that councilors and mayors in the past "have had strong political, fiscal or faith-based views...."  And this is where I fall.  Because some of my political beliefs and convictions are so strong, of course this is going to transcend somewhat to my goals as a councilor and mayor.  In my campaign, I certainly emphasized my belief and platform to be conservative with the city's budget.  Have we forgotten what "conservative" means?  Long before it was so closely tied to one's political views, it simply meant this:

"....cautiously moderate or purposefully low...."

If stating that I want to be "conservative" with city dollars makes some assume something about my political views, then so be it.  This is precisely why I have also emphasized keeping the lines of communication open.  On my campaign, I spoke one on one with citizens about their concerns and my goals.  I would hope that citizens would continue to call me or come before the council if they felt the city's best interests were not being considered.

Furthermore, the paper printed some pictures from my election night party.  Yes, this was MY election night party.  It was not the "Canby Republican Party", as Savage stated with the photos.  People from all parties were in attendance.  I don't believe the word "Republican" was on any literature for my party, nor was it discussed at the party.  It was a celebration of the campaign and the efforts of my supporters.  As the evening went on, it took the shape of a victory party.  She also misidentified the attendees that were pictured.  I also find it slightly odd that the only article I can seem to find on the Herald's online site is the editorial telling us how to run things as a council.  Where's the election coverage?  Where's the picture of myself and Carson?  Where's the "news"?

Let's focus on the positive.  It's a win!  I look forward to serving Canby.

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