Saturday, November 3, 2012

3 Days

Here we are, 3 days until election day.  I continue to have full days of campaigning, which has been fun and rewarding. 

On Wednesday, I participated in the Halloween kiddie parade in downtown Canby with my children.  We trick or treated at local businesses afterwards.  What a great community event, bringing our families together. 

Yesterday was busy as well.  I was at a groundbreaking for a new business in Canby (Dragonberry Produce) in the morning, then had a Rotary lunch.  In the afternoon, I did my first official "street corner campaigning".  I was with volunteers on 99E, waving to commuters and saying "hi".  One pedestrian was even walking to drop off his ballot and stopped to confirm he had voted for me.  That was great!  Then it was off to First Friday downtown, participating in the Cash Mob at Wallflowers and visiting other businesses.  Thanks for the delicious bacon, Mike!

The weekend holds soccer games, more street corner campaigning, and more door-to-door introductions to citizens I don't know. 

I am proud of the campaign I have run.  Above all else, I have been out there talking with citizens and finding out what is important to them in our town.  As mayor, I truly want to be your voice. 

Thank you for your support.  Turn in your ballots by Tuesday at 8pm!  God Bless!

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