Thursday, September 13, 2012

Your Vote Is +1

We hear it all the time in elections:  "Why should I vote?  My vote doesn't count really."  Nothing could be further from the truth!  For me, there are many ways that your vote and position has power.

1.  Historically Close Elections.  Remember the Bush and Gore presidential election?  There have been many races that have been decided by a marginal amount of votes.  While most presidential elections will not be decided by that close an amount, the scenery changes when we speak of state, county, and city elections.  It doesn't get any more personal than an election, such as mayor, in your hometown.  In my opinion, every vote does count in Canby, Oregon.

2.  Your Influence On Others.  Let's face it, some people do rely on others to help direct them to what candidate might be the best person to vote for.  People have influence.  The president himself will often support and rally for fellow candidates in the hopes of influencing people.  Everyone has an opinion on something, even if that opinion is "I don't vote".  Even your neighbor putting a campaign sign in their yard will at least make you pause and take notice.  They might even think, hey, they are trustworthy, so I suppose I should vote for that candidate.  Maybe you'll ask them why they are voting for that candidate.  Maybe you will delve deeper.  This leads me to.....

3.  Endorsements.  I take pride in the endorsements I have collected so far in this campaign.  Thank you!  With that being said, I sincerely hope people do not vote for me strictly based on endorsements.  My hope is that instead you take an endorsement and investigate deeper.  "Why are the firefighters choosing to endorse Brian Hodson?  I wonder what their issues are?"  Or, "Wow, that's a close, personal friend of mine and I didn't know they supported Hodson for mayor.  I need to talk to them."  These are the kinds of questions and conversations that we need to be having. 

Your actions speak much more than just your one vote.  Your vote is most definitely a +1.

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