Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I submitted materials on Monday, September 10th, to be included in the voter's pamphlet for the November 6, 2012 general election.  I diligently prepared my statement, materials, and endorsements.  For two weeks, I felt like I was on a whirlwind tour of Canby, seeing old friends & community members and meeting new people who were supporting me on my campaign.  I am truly blessed to have the support of the following citizens (an "*" denotes official endorsement filed with Clackamas County Elections):

Canby Area Chamber of Commerce*
Canby Firefighters*
Wayne Scott, Scott Investments*
Jeff Scott*
Tom Scott*
Mark and Dawn Depner*
Michael Vissers*
Paul & Stefani Carlson*
Traci Hensley*
Shawn Hensley*
Nancy Perman
Bob Backstrom*
Karelyn Backstrom*
Kate Murphy, Degrees of Chic*
Derek Hill, Advantage Mortgage*
Gary and Terri Jones*
Tim & Deb Dale*
Rick Reid*
Larry Boatwright*
Holly and Matt Meredith*
Liz and Bill Chapin*
John Savory*
Lisa Zurcher, Park Avenue Salon
Bricks and Minifigs*
Kevin & Loretta Tolson
Teresa and Scott Sasse, Pudding River Chocolates*
Olive Photography
Scott Miller
Robert Hopkins
Kris & Todd Rocha*
Pam Thomas*
Doug Thomas*
Tim Stewart
Burt and Judy Aus
Judd Palmer
Ryan & Kerrie Oliver
Tim & Cam Davis
Sean Joyce
Christie & John Schwary
Chris German
Keri Morris
Cindy Atkins
Jason & Karen Hewitt
Carmen Ralls
Amy & David Westom
Lonna Bruener
Becky Unger
Lora & David Pittman
Carole Risley
Eric Saub
Renee Stricker
Dr. David Dewar
Dan & Lisa Trisler
Russ & Kaci Hall
Pastor Tim & Heather Barton
Karen Dietz
Dawn Anderson
Jill & Brian Chambers
Nikki & Paul Douglas

The campaign is still thriving and growing; as more endorsements come in, we will update this list!

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