Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Am I Running For Mayor?

It was 4th grade.  A fellow student, Holly, and myself, with various assignments, Mrs. Cohen would refer to us as “President and Vice President”.  We had an innate ability to command presence in the classroom, we always volunteered to take on projects and extra credit, and we were always willing to help other students with their homework.  This memory always stuck with me.

As I grew older, this childhood memory grew into a “heart for service”.  I had a desire to help people.  My parents were (and still are) incredible role models of service.  My older sister has multiple disabilities and they have been her primary care provider for 42 years.  You don’t do this unless you have extreme love but also a desire to serve, to care. 

I come to you today with a strong desire to serve.  To serve as mayor means to boldly take the reigns as a leader.  To lead is to inspire others, empower others, and ultimately, see them become leaders.  It would be an honor to serve Canby.

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