Friday, September 21, 2012

My Campaign Focus: Clear Direction, Stronger Economic Engine, Growth With A Small Town Sensibility

While running for Mayor, I have voiced my strong desire to serve and provide the leadership that Canby deserves. As I walk around town and talk to people, they always want to know the main issues that I intend to focus on and as a result I thought I’d elaborate on those for you.

Clear Direction
I will strive to be a mayor with a clear and precise vision for the city. Whether it is downtown, 99E, or our neighborhoods, I will consider every aspect of these important components of our town and make my decisions wisely.  For example, with the recent improvements and rejuvenation of our downtown core, I don’t want to see the rest of downtown left behind. I believe all of downtown must look, feel and work together in order to thrive. 

We’ve begun slowly improving aspects of HWY 99E.  Beautiful banners were added to telephone poles and clearly visible signage that marks downtown can now be seen. Despite those efforts we still have crumbling sidewalks and non-existent landscaping.  A clear vision is needed to finish these projects on time and on budget..

When we speak of quiet and safe neighborhoods, once again vision is the key.  How will changing traffic patterns, bus schedules, and truck routes affect everyone?  We have to think of all these things as puzzle pieces that must intricately fit together make a complete picture.

What I am ultimately speaking of here is planning AND execution.  Mayor, city staff, councilors, and citizens must all work together to ensure proper planning and completion of projects is taking place.

Stronger Economic Engine 

  1. Further promotion of our infrastructure and our industrial park.  The addition of industrial parks over the past few years has been an incredible and lucrative addition to Canby.  However under the current mayor’s term, it still remains at only 25% capacity with no signs of improving.  This must change.  We must make sure we are attracting not just any business, but the right businesses to Canby, strengthening our place in the market as a desirable location for business.
  2. Connecting Berg Parkway to I-5.   Completing this project will increase the transport of goods and services in and out of Canby and will once again add to our desirability as a destination for business.  We must make it easier for people to get in and out of our city if we ever hope to succeed in our goals.
  3. Building Our Retail Base.  I live and breathe retail every day.  I run a local retail business and I shop at local businesses.  ‘Shop Local’ is something I hear from citizens on a daily basis.  But all too often, we must travel out of town to have a nice dinner or to do our errands.  We need to show retailers and restaurants how wonderful Canby is for them and at the same time continue to promote those businesses that are already here. This is a huge area of opportunity for Canby and I am confident we can succeed under my leadership.  If we have a desirable business district to keep Canby residents shopping locally, we feed our economy not just from inside our city but from surrounding areas as well.
Growth With A Small Town Sensibility

Naturally we want to grow, but we need to do that without compromising the small town feel and sense of community that makes Canby the place you and I want to raise our families in. The obvious question is how do we do that?  It comes down to community involvement plain and simple.  Growth decisions that we make impact a multitude of people in our community including business owners, families, and anyone else who comes to our city.  I would ensure that citizens play a large part in serving as a guide for city staff and the council and to keep us grounded and aware of what is important to them for Canby as we grow.

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