Thursday, August 16, 2012

Passionate About Canby

I am passionate and enthusiastic about the town I live in:  Canby, Oregon.  Can you say that about your town?  I moved here 8 years ago with my family.  I didn't know much about Canby at that time, except that it was a small, tight knit community with a strong agricultural base and a great county fair.

I work for Starbucks Coffee Company.  I soon took the healm of the local Starbucks store here in town.  Management in a fast-paced coffee shop has it's challenges, but it is also a great way to see your community one-one-one.  I slowly got to know my customer's, their backgrounds, and why they worked or lived in Canby.

Starbucks believes in strong community ties and support.  It was because of this that I initially got involved with the local Chamber of Commerce.  That soon led to a position on the board, a vice president position on the board, and ultimately president, the position I hold today.  I have become even more attune and in touch with the business community because of this position.  I have come to have a keener understanding of what it means to "buy local" and support your neighbor.  It is truly evident in this community. 

Political aspirations have always been that pie-in-the-sky dream for me, that "maybe someday" goal.  As I become more and more involved with businesses in the community and as I continued to build ties with friends in the community, the opportunity arose to run for city council.  It seemed a natural fit for me.  I had a good understanding of the town and what was truly important to the community; I knew I would maintain my integrity and focus in the position; I would also learn more about the political animal that is local city government. 

I was appointed to the position of City Councilor in the Fall of 2009.  I ran for re-election and won in the Fall of 2010.  I have been honored and blessed to be able to serve as a councilor in this town.  My decisions as councilor are always made honestly and with the city's best interest at heart.  My decisions are based on what I feel are the best choices and directions for the city, tax payer money, and the livability of the community. 

As I turn to running for mayor, I am guided by these same principles:  community passion, fiscal attentiveness, and having an "open book" attitude when it comes to the issues of the city.

I heart Canby.

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