Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Canby Visioning Meeting of 2013

Last night, the city held it's first visioning meeting at the police station. I joined about 50 other citizens to go over the summary of the previous 13 meetings that spanned four months concerning vision for the city. Prior to this meeting last night, there were numerous meetings with citizens going over the following four topics:

 1.  Community

2.  Parks and Recreation

3.  Transportation and Public Safety

4.  Growth and Economic Development

Last night's meeting was a presentation of all the information, feedback, input from citizens, and goals in these four key areas from those previous meetings.  It highlighted the past successes of Canby, such as the Canby Pioneer Industrial Park and the facade improvement program.

Last night's meeting also emphasized the purpose of the visioning processes.  Those key points are:

1. To help community members think broader and longer term about how they want their
home town to grow and develop over time in a way that works for them.
2.To understand the broader community current and future needs and preferences
3. To gain consensus and direction on top priority community investments and initiatives
4. To build a common foundation for community and organizational leaders to work together
to meet community needs and expectations over a longer term

To read the full document of what was presented last night, please click here.  You can also view the Powerpoint presentation of last night's meeting here. If you'd like to read what happened at the 13 meetings that occurred prior, please click here for that information.

This information will become a "reference manual" for the mayor and council to help set priorities and have citizen input at their fingertips.

We still need your help!  The city is conducting a 2013 visioning survey.  It's an easy online questionnaire that can be filled out by click here.  The city will use this survey information to possibly plan more visioning meetings in the future.

We also have visioning meetings coming up for the new library, and we sincerely need your input here.  There are a lot of details to still fine tune and we appreciate your feedback.  Here is the schedule:

--Tuesday, January 15, 6:30 p.m.  (Location:  Canby Public Library, 292 
N. Holly Street) 
--Wednesday, January 30, 6:30 p.m.  (Location:  Canby Police Dept., 
1175 NW 3rd Avenue) 
--Tuesday, February 19, 6:30 p.m.  (Location:  Canby Police Dept., 1175 
NW 3rd Avenue ) (**please note this is a date change; the original date of February 14th is incorrect, as printed in the January newsletter).

Finally, I ask you to attend city council meetings.  Citizens always have an open opportunity to voice their opinion on any topic pertinent to our city.  You can always view the city calendar to see when upcoming meetings are.

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