Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Library Design Nearing Final Unveiling

Before I go into the latest update, I want to take a moment to update you all on a previous post.  In a previous library update, I incorrectly stated the amounts spent on the preliminary architectural report for sitting the library on 1st Ave and on 2nd Ave.  I stated that the amount spent for 1st Ave was $400,000, this was the wrong information.  This was the budgeted amount for the year we allocated the money to accomplish the project in.  The actual amount spent for 1st Ave was $20,800.  When I know the amount for 2nd Ave's preliminary architectural report, I will update you.  I truly regret the error and apologize for posting the incorrect amounts. It was not my intention to provide incorrect information.

Let's take a look at what is being worked on to get us to the groundbreaking and ultimately to completion of our new library.

The third community meeting is in the record books.  Suggestions have been made, the feedback is in and the architects are..."architecting" away on all the information that came in for the new library.  On February 19th FFA Architecture firm and the city held the final community meeting to provide input on the design of the new library.  There was a lot of dialogue and great questions asked by the largest group yet for these meetings.  With all of the input I am confident that we will be building the best library we can, with the look and amenities that will make it a comfortable place to go and enjoy a good book, study, or browse the stacks.  From here the architects will be refining the design in preparation of showing, I believe, the final look to the Urban Renewal Agency Commissioners very soon.  With a desired late summer/early fall groundbreaking I am sure we will be seeing this as quickly as possible.

Here is the latest on the project.  On the fundraising front, the community volunteers are working very hard to raise the $1 million to support the new library.  Their efforts are paying off!  The Fundraising Committee was recently awarded a $50,000 challenge grant from the Collins Foundation.  This adds to the already growing support they are receiving.  I look forward to reporting more news on this front in the coming months.

While the architects' portion is being finished, I have asked that the council begin discussing soon what the new council chambers will look like.  I'd like to see improved speakers and screens so that everyone can see and hear presentations being given (Also hear the Mayor and Council pontificate about the issues of the day).  More comfortable seating for those sometimes long Planning Commission meetings or when the Council wants to discuss transportation plans and one-way streets...which are not happening anytime soon...maybe...well, never say never.

Here are some pictures of the architectural drawings so far:

Aerial look of the library plan.  Top in Aqua is the Children's Area.  Below that in the lavender will be the the study tables and the Adult Section.  In the plantation green is the teen area with staff work space next to it.  The brown to the left is the Council Chambers/Municipal Court and the light pink at the top is the multi-purpose room.

Front view of the library.

Closer front view.  On the right is the remodeled city hall to become council chambers, center is the main entrance, to the left is the beginning of the multi-purpose room and library collection.

Aerial View of the entire Canby Library upon completion.

Impressive drawings and pictures of what will be a defining element to our downtown.  Stay tuned for more library updates.


  1. Brian, looking more "mayorial" every day! Thank you for your response. The 3rd community meeting was a good show of support and excitement for this project. Susan

  2. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :) inspire..!!!


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